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Yes or No?

Dir: Saratsawadee Wongsomphet, Thailand, 2012, 107mins, Thai with English subtitles Love or friendship? Yes or No tells the story of two college roommates who discover that a line of red tape can’t keep love at bay. When Pai, a sweet (so far straight) girl from a conservative family is allocated Kim, a tomboy, as a roommate, she is horrified. Roll out the red tape, awkward silences and strict boundaries. However as Pai gets to know Kim the tape is removed, the boundaries come down and friendship grows. But is it friendship or is it something more? And if it is more, will her family ever forgive her? Sweet, funny and touching this is a romantic comedy with soul and sensitivity.

1hr 47mins long
M Contains adult themes

Sushar Manaying
Supanart Jittaleela
Arisara Thongborisut