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Yakel 3D

Yakel 3D explores the fragility of one of the last primitive culture left today, employing the hi-tech cinematic story-telling device 3D. Set in a remote Vanuatu tribal village and shot over a three year period, this is the remarkable story of 108-year-old Chief Kowia near the end of his long, eventful life. Survivor of tribal wars, colonization, epidemics & WW2 he`s rejected the modern world in favor of a life free of material goods, - no money, no clothes. Their jungle provides life`s necessities. But Chief Kowia worries what will happen to his people when he is no longer there to guide them. Can his culture stay strong? Or will his people be tempted by greater riches and leave behind their tribal lives?

1hr 14mins long

Rachael Wilson
Kowia Johnson