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Wrong Turn

Ctrl+P The office is completely deserted, it's very late. What's the harm? So you hit 'print'. Kill The Alphabet A failed writer wants to kill himself only to find a publisher who wants to publish his suicide note. A Break in the Monotony In a post-Zombie holocaust world, a man laments his empty lifestyle and questions the futility of working in a corporate wasteland. 15 Minutes A Melbourne girl wakes to realise she has fifteen minutes before her train leaves. It is 7:45am. Panic. Unorthodox My Balance Sheet Two men must navigate their way through a fantastical caricature of the workplace. John's Hand Cream John's an inventor who's been down on his luck for a number of years, but his new product just might change the world. The Road Out of Town When Joseph's girlfriend fails to arrive on New Zealand's remote West Coast he suspects the worst. Shredded A young woman discovers a trail of paperwork that leads to an unlikely collaboration.

1hr 21mins long