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Here are some of the characteristics of gothic fiction that parallel Wound elements: Madness, (especially feminine madness) family curses, a female in distress, a controlling, dominant male who compels the aforementioned disempowered female to do something against her will, an isolated manor house, an emphasis on a gloomy or foreboding atmosphere, ghosts or other supernatural creatures, doubles, secrets, graveyards or crypts, omens or visions, dreams or nightmares that are the wild current below the civilized, rational, or tamed, mind; characters who exhibit aberrant psychologies, or physiologies; rituals, caves, caverns or hidden subterranean spaces, decay and death, mystery and the nocturnal and references to the medieval.

1hr 17mins long
R18 Contains graphic violence, sexual violence

Te Kaea Beri
Sandy Lowe
Kate O'Rourke
Campbell Cooley
Brendan Gregory