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Will it Fly?

In the early 1900s in a remote rural settlement in New Zealand`s South Island, Richard William Pearse a reluctant farmer, was determined to build an aircraft in his farm shed that would fly. His dream was to fly in a heavier than air, aircraft built by his with his own designed engine and airframe. On March 31st 1903 at Waitohi in South Canterbury, many witnesses say they saw that first flight by Pearse, but to this day no physical proof exists that he flew or even got his aircraft off the ground. Speculation is that the Pearse story is complete fiction and now the product of modern day urban myth. It`s now Ivan Mudrovcich`s dream 109 years later to build a Pearse Aircraft to silence the critics, with his attempt to build and fly a Pearse reproduction aircraft. We follow Ivan`s journey over time to see... WILL IT FLY ?

1hr 59mins long

Wayne Johnson
Ivan Mudrovchich