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Who Am I - No System is Safe Poster

Who Am I - No System is Safe

Benjamin is a socially inept nobody. Max is handsome and charismatic. What these strangers have in common is computer hacking. After proving his skill, Benjamin is invited to join Max and his friends in a subversive hacker group. Identifying themselves as CLAY the gang carries out a series of spectacular attacks on political parties and even the ‘Federal Intelligence Agency’. For the first time in his life Benjamin feels like he belongs to something. Benjamin now wants recognition and status in the shadowy corner of cyberspace where hackers communicate - “the Net inside the Net.” To achieve this he will need to impress MR X, reigning king of the hacking world. The road to MR X involves an extremely dangerous Russian group known as FRI3NDS. With European cyber police also on his trail, Benjamin and CLAY will need to execute the most brilliant of plans just to stay alive. This pacy, exciting and visually striking cyber-thriller is a white-knuckle ride all the way to its wickedly clever conclusion

1hr 40mins long
R13 Violence,drug use and offensive language.

Wotan Wilke Möhring
Tom Schilling
Elyas M'Barek