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Whiskey With Vodka

Otto, an unreliable, alcoholic actor and incorrigible ladies' man, is forced to raise his game when the producer of his current movie, hires an understudy to double-shoot his scenes. Fearing that Otto's partying will ruin his movie, the producer engages Arno as a back-up option. Arno finds himself in a tricky situation: if he performs too well, Otto will take fright and never miss another day's filming, making it unlikely that Arno will wind up on screen. But Otto has other things to distract him.

1hr 40mins long

Valery Tscheplanowa
Tilo Pruckner
Thomas Putensen
Sylvester Groth
Peter Pauli
Peter Kurth
Matthias Walter
Markus Hering
Karina Plachetka
Kai Borner
Henry H├╝bchen
Fritz Marquardt
Frank Auer