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Whatsoeverly (Qualunquemate) Poster

Whatsoeverly (Qualunquemate)

Whatsoeverly is a brilliant political satire and one of the most wildly popular Italian films ever made, grossing $7.4 million euros in its opening weekend alone. After a prolonged holiday in South America, businessman Cetto La Qualunque returns to his home town in Calabria with a new girlfriend and daughter in tow. He introduces them to his long-suffering wife, and disappointed straight-laced son. But Cetto has been away far too long and he is horrified to discover that since he left, the locals have become unexpectedly law-abiding! This is not good for the way Cetto likes to do business. Determined to fight for the good of his town, Cetto decides to enter the race for local mayor with the campaign slogan, `I have no dream, but I like a bit of tail.` In Italy, this big screen version of Antonio Albanese`s popular TV satire, `No Problem`, resonated with Italian audiences and clever local marketing, playfully drew parallels between the film and recent political scandals. But headlines aside, this is a delicious comedy about a corrupt man who will stop at nothing.

1hr 33mins long
M Contains offensive language, sexual references & nudity

Veronica Da Silva
Sergio Rubini
Salvatore Cantalupo
Nicola Rignanese
Lorenza Indovina
Giulio Manfredonia
Davide Giordano
Antonio Gerardi
Antonio Albanese