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Welcome to the North (Benvenuti al Nord) Poster

Welcome to the North (Benvenuti al Nord)

Following his eye-opening experience in the south, Alberto (Claudio Bisio) returns home to the north with the promotion to Milan he had always dreamed of. Meanwhile, his old friend Mattia (Alessandro Siani) from the laidback post office in Campania is trying to prove to his wife (Valentina Lodovini) that he is committed to working harder to fulfil her dream of moving out of her mother-in-law`s home and into their own love-nest. But when his work colleagues misunderstand and submit his transfer request, he finds himself unexpectedly transferred to Milan. Skewering north/south stereotypes with slapstick humour and having fun with the Cilento and Milanese dialects, director Luca Miniero delivers another record-breaking Italian box office sensation and reunites the entire charming cast, including Claudio Bisio, Valentina Lodovini and Angela Finocchiaro.

1hr 46mins long
M Contains offensive language

Valentina Lodovini
Luca Miniero
Claudio Bisio
Angela Finocchiaro
Alessandro Siani