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Welcome To The South (Benvenuti Al Sud) Poster

Welcome To The South (Benvenuti Al Sud)

Welcome to the South, is an Italian take on the French hit "Bienvenue chez les Ch`tis"(Welcome to the Sticks), is the hilarious box office sensation that that grossed over 30 million euros at the Italian box office alone, proving that the north-south rivalry is alive and kicking! Alberto (Claudio Bisio) is a postal worker hoping to transfer to Milan, the city of his dreams but is instead sent to Castellabate in the south. He arrives with preconceptions, prejudice and a bullet proof vest firmly in place. His wife, Maria (Angela Finocchiaro), is too terrified to accompany him, to what she imagines is a hot and dirty hilly town, swarming with mafia. Soon, however, Alberto falls for the natural beauty and the charming locals, including the postman (Alessandro Siani) and a postal clerk (Valentina Lodovini), who introduces the northerner to the joys of southern life. The spirit of this feel-good Opening Night selection is captured in the wise words of one of the characters: ``When an outsider comes to the south, he cries twice - when he arrives and when he leaves.``

1hr 42mins long
M Contains offensive language

Valentina Lodovini
Nando Paone
Naike Rivelli
Luca Miniero
Claudio Bisio
Angela Finocchiaro
Alessandro Siani