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Welcome is an emotionally loaded drama about the father-son bond that develops between a listless, recently divorced Calais swim instructor and a Kurdish boy who desperately wants to learn to swim. Dramatising the stark inhumanity of France's laws regarding illegal immigrants and those who offer them shelter, Welcome was a surprise box office success in France – and the subject of much public debate. The excellent Vincent Lindon is the latest incarnation of a uniquely French movie type; the sexy, soulful, no-frills working guy. You can be moved by his Simon, even while you see just how his wife (Audrey Dana) might have yearned for someone a little more forward-looking. A superb director of actors, Philippe Lioret blends his stars with Kurdish amateurs, drawing a potently affecting performance from 17-year old Firat Ayverdi as the ardent, focused Bilal.

1hr 55mins long
M contains violence and offensive language

Yannick Renier
Vincent Lindon
Thierry Godard
Selim Akgul
Olivier Rabourdin
Murat Subasi
Firat Celik
Firat Ayverdi
Derya Ayverdi
Audrey Dana