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Wastecooking: Make Food Not Waste Poster

Wastecooking: Make Food Not Waste

A car that runs on used vegetable oil, a mobile stove and a host of culinary ideas in his backpack: Wastecooking – Make Food, Not Waste is an entertaining road movie detailing a journey through five European countries, where the only thing on the menu is what others call garbage. Food waste is increasingly becoming an important global issue. 30-50% of all the food produced in the world is uneaten. The United Nations have stated that recovering half of this lost or wasted food could feed the world alone. David, the host of Wastecooking – is a trained chef, filmmaker and activist. We watch him as he whips up creative meals aimed at fighting food waste and our consumption-driven society, and at the same time inspire us to search for simple, yet creative solutions.

1hr 31mins long