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Pang Ho-cheung (the John Waters of Hong Kong) delivers a deliriously offensive comedy about the lengths a producer will go to secure funding for a feature film. Shot off the cuff in only 12 days, the film is a series of raucous vignettes presented by producer To Wai-cheung to a group of film students relating to the nutty saga of financing his latest magnum opus, a remake of the 70s sex flick I Want More! To satisfy the demands of heavy investor Brother Tyrannosaurus he must endure major degradation… This wild and brutally funny critique of the film business manages to make mincemeat out of the soul-selling necessary to make a feature film. - AT "Lewd, crude and flat-out hilarious… An exceptionally guilty pleasure that is a uniquely Hong Kong-grown cinematic experience, but one which serves to highlight precisely what its citizens laugh about, obsess over and gossip about incessantly, whether at work, at home or in bed." - James Marsh, Twitch

1hr 30mins long
R16 Contains offensive language, sexual material and other content that may offend

Susan Shaw
Ronald Cheng
Pang Ho-cheung
Kristal Tin
Fiona Sit
Dada Chan
Chapman To