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Vivre sa Vie

“Forty-six [now 51] years later the brute genius of Jean-Luc Godard continues to amaze. In the French New Waver's 1962 black-and-white gem Vivre sa vie (To Live One's Life, or My Life to Live), Godard frames and edits his shots, moves the camera, uses music, and deploys his actors in ways that still seem radical – even as several generations of directors since have cribbed and stolen from him. It's no fluke that Quentin Tarantino named his production company after a Godard title. Sure, this portrait of Nana, a young Parisienne who turns to prostitution - played with startling composure by Anna Karina (Godard's wife at the time) – has all the easily parodied attributes of the French art-house classic: everyone with a Gitanes in their mouth, stooped over coffee in a bar tabac, playing pinball and talking Plato, oozing impossible nonchalance.

1hr 23mins long

Sady Rebbot
Peter Kassovitz
Monique Messine
Guylaine Schlumberger
Gérard Hoffman
Dimitri Dinoff
Brice Parain
Anna Karina
André S. Labarthe