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Valley of Saints Poster

Valley of Saints

The scenic glory of a setting few of us will ever visit stands revealed in this gentle tale. Two young boatmen ferrying passengers across Lake Dal in Kashmir dream and scheme of heading to Mumbai together. A young Western-educated woman researching pollution in the lake complicates their plans. Digital technology enabled Kashmiri filmmaker Musa Syeed to shoot in one of the world’s most chronically destabilised territories without drawing hostile attention. The result is a film that sings with the lyrical beauty of its setting while expressing a sharp sense of regret for opportunities stagnating in the face of incessant conflict. Street skirmishes are regarded with the same accustomed eye as Syeed applies to beads of rain on a water lily.

1hr 22mins long

Neelofar Hamid
Musa Syeed
Gulzar Bhat
Afzal Sofi