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Valerie Poster


You can be the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world, but it doesn't matter if you haven't got a cent to your name. Young fashion model Valerie isn't merely strapped for cash; she is completely broke. She is currently without work, with no prospect of getting any, and to make matters worse, it's Christmas Eve and she's stuck in the underground parking lot of the exclusive Berlin Hyatt. Forced to sleep in her car, Valerie embarks on a double life and finds unexpected help in her blossoming friendship with the car park attendant. An unusual tale of homelessness.

1hr 20mins long

Yevgeni Sitokhin
Stephan Schneider
Sabine Vitua
Romina Meier
Pheline Roggan
Miriam Sachs
Henriette Gonnermann
Guntbert Warns
Franz Dinda
Devid Striesow
Birol Unel
Birgit Moller
Bettina Kur