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Vacation (Ferien) Poster

Vacation (Ferien)

European cinema has never had a shortage of films about 30-something folk suffering marriage crisis as a result of infidelity; nor has the continent suffered much of a dearth of character-based dramas in which family-members congregate in rural locales, there to explore their feelings about each other and shed light on long-dormant enmities and passions. So it's testament to writer-director Arslan that Vacation, which stands at the intersection of these two well-worn, Bergman-ish sub-genres, should feel so fresh and absorbing.

1hr 31mins long
M Contains offensive language

Wigand Witting
Uwe Bohm
Thomas Arslan
Paul Preuss
Maria Hengee
Leyla Bobaj
Karoline Eichhorn
Jakob Bieber
Helge Niesytka
Gudrun Ritter
Anja Schneider
Angela Winkler
Amir Hadzic
Aaron Raab