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Until Sbornia Do Us Part Poster

Until Sbornia Do Us Part

Connected to the mainland by an isthmus, Sbornia is an isolated, independent and anarchist State, home to successful musicians Kraunos Sang and Pletskaya. When the giant wall that separates Sbornia from the rest of the world collapses, the Sbornians suffer a towering cultural shock. Things go from bad to worse when a powerful businessman decides to commercialise their local drink Bizuwin, creating several quirky and amusing situations, underlined by themes of corporate dominance and environmental impact. While the mute Kraunos rages with the changes, the passionate Pletskaya can only think of the businessman’s beautiful daughter, Cocliquot, voiced by famed Brazilian singer, Fernanda Takai.

1hr 23mins long

Otto Guerra
Nico Nicolaiewsky
Hique Gomez
André Abujamra