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Unlikely Bedfellows

Awaken: Animation, 15mins, Aus Director David Gould A robot soldier programmed to exterminate humans learns how precious life is when he inadvertently befriends a small bird. (World Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Erotic Services: Comedy, 12mins, NZ Director Dan Batkin-Smith Guy is curious. After his divorce he spends his nights alone in a spacious minimal apartment. That is, until he calls on Rob for a little company. (World Premiere) Preferably Blue: Comedy, 11mins, NZ Director Alan Dickson When the Easter Bunny meets Santa there is jealousy, egotism and unresolved childhood issues. Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Bedfellows: Romance, 16mins, USA Director Pierre Stefanos After a casual encounter, Bobby dreams about what a lifetime relationship with Jonathan could be like. Will real life live up to his New York fairy tale? (NZ Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Amadi: Drama, 15mins, NZ Director Zia Mandviwalla As their worlds fall apart, an unlikely connection occurs between a Rwandan refugee living in New Zealand and his mentally unstable neighbour. (World Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Tee Party: Comedy, 12mins, NZ Director Michael Beran A crusty old security guard and a long-haul airline pilot meet at an all-night golf driving range.

1hr 21mins long