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Unexpected Adventure

Squeeze: Comedy, 6mins, Aus Director Will Goodfellow A career criminal's prison break through a putrid sewage pipe takes an unexpected twist when he runs into his ex-cell mate using the same pipe to sneak back in. (World Premiere) Koro's Medal: Adventure, 14mins, NZ Director James Barr While hiding from his brother, Billy chases his grandfather's precious war medal through a crack in their apartment floorboard and finds himself on an adventure of his own. Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Devil's Door to Heaven: Crime, 17mins, NZ Director Lillian Beets An old man refuses to give two burglars the code to his safe unless they agree to kill him. (World Premiere) Bystander: Drama, 20mins, Aus Director Keir Wilkins Alex spirals out of control while caring for his brother who has cerebral palsy. (NZ Premiere) Protect The Nation: Drama, 16mins, Germany / South Africa Director Candice Reissner When faced with the unexpected kindness of a stranger, a young boy begins to question himself. Does he have the courage to do what's right? (NZ Premiere) Last Flight: Sci-Fi, 15mins, NZ Director Damon Keen 200 million kilometres from home, her base in flames and her oxygen supply dwindling, a lone astronaut begins a final, perilous journey to the end of the world.

1hr 28mins long