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Une Vie de Ballet

Pierre Lacotte is an artist with a strong passion for all aspects of his craft as a dancer, choreographer and director; everything he does is calculated and well-researched. His youthful experiences under the instruction of important figures in ballet like Lioubov Egorova shaped his passion and education as a young dancer. Ghislaine Thesmar is similarly an extremely talented dancer with an unusual aptitude for dramatic performance. The success of her career offers a very worldly perspective to the film and she becomes the force that draws the narrative outside of France. By exploring exclusive archive footage, Ionesco captures a unique snapshot of this fascinating art form and couple. Featuring extensive extracts of ballet performances by Rudolf Nureyev, Agnes Lestestu, Svetlana Zakharova and Michael Denard, A Life for Ballet is the ideal film for all lovers of dance and performing arts.

1hr 35mins long