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Un Heureux Evenement

When post-graduate student Barbara (Bourgoin) meets Nicolas (Pio Marmai) at the video store where he works, a romance blossoms over an exchange of DVDs and pick-up lines. Things move quickly and they decide to have a child together, only to discover that what seemed like a perfect little love story starts unravelling after the arrival of the baby.When the young family settles down into their Parisian apartment, their carefree lifestyle is quickly turned upside-down by a mixture of sleepless nights, nappies, and horrid arguments. The reality and pitfalls of child-bearing and rearing soon hits home, and despite the support of those around her, Barbara struggles to connect with her baby.Adapted from Eliette Abecassis' best-selling account of pregnancy and motherhood, A Happy Event is a charming story set against the romantic backdrop of Paris, accompanied by two very dynamic and loveable lead actors. As Bezancon explains, ―I hope A Happy Event will touch people because we all have parents, we all have a mother and a father and some people may even be fathers or mothers themselves.

1hr 40mins long
M Contains sex scenes,offensive language and drug use.

Pio Marmai
Louise Bourgoin
Josiane Balasko