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Ugly Melanie

Melanie is too nice. Her mother, her boss, her friends, her neighbour, the neighbour's dog, everyone knows it…and takes advantage of it. One day, after yet another humiliation, Melanie decides to change. From now on, she is going to get revenge on everyone who used her. Except that being bad does not come easily, especially when you have been a good girl all your life…. Enjoy this savage comedy, the colourful tale of a Cinderella who takes her revenge!

1hr 33mins long
M Contains Adult Themes

Theo Ponce-Ludier
Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval
Marilou Berry
Liliane Rovere
Lea Pelletart
Josephine de Meaux
Jean-Patrick Benes
Jean-Claude Dreyfus
Isabelle Mazin
Gil Alma
Frederique Bel