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Two Rabbits (Dois Coelhos) Poster

Two Rabbits (Dois Coelhos)

“Two Rabbits” is a gritty urban thriller pitting Edgar the mysterious anti-hero against the twin evils of politics and crime. No-one is as they seem in this dark, fast-paced film set in Sao Paolo. Edgar has come home from two years in Miami, and quickly launches a scheme with a motorbike-riding mugger. Meanwhile, Julia, a prosecutor for the state, warns the gangster Maicon that he will be arrested any day; but what is her true motivation? Edgar, Maicon, Julia, a bent politician, a grieving father - the collision of lives and motives is epic and unexpected. Innovative cinematography, including animations, and plot twists galore will have cinema-goers on the edge of their seats.

1hr 44mins long
R16 Contains violence,offensive language and sex scenes.

Marat Descartes
Fernando Alves Pinto
Caco Ciocler
Alessandra Negrini
Aldine Muller
Afonso Poyart
Afonso Poyart