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Tulpan Poster


A young man, Asa, returns from military service to join his sister and her husband, and begin life as a shepherd. Tradition requires that he must be married, so he courts the shy Tulpan, the area's only unmarried young woman. After a stammering marriage proposal, Asa is dismayed to hear that Tulpan has rejected him because his ears are too large. This only deepens his interest in the unseen Tulpan; Asa redoubles his efforts in this arid, wind-swept terrain – home to lambs and camels, people who live in yurts, and a seemingly never-ending horizon.

1hr 40mins long
M Contains offensive language and nudity.

Tolepbergen Baisakalov
Sergei Dvortsevoy
Samal Esljamova
Ondas Besikbasov
Bereke Turganbayev
Askhat Kuchencherekov