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Tracing Shadows

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the country is in turmoil, and the Manchurians are poised to advance upon the capital of Beijing The city is in a chaos, with martial arts masters from royal guards to local bandits gathering in the city vying for the map of Taizu Emperor Treasure. Foreign warriors including Yehe Changgong and Ninja woman Mingyue Xin from Okinawa also join the race. The warriors fight their way from the palace to a border town but find the map disappeared. In search of the map, fighters stay in the town and disguise themselves as civilians. Yehe and Mingyue Xin pretend to be a couple and run an inn, while others open various businesses as disguise. They suffer humiliation from young landlord Xu Sanguan for housing rent and debt. What's worse, Xu begins to pursue Mingyue Xin's adapted daughter Tang; while town chief Gu falls for the beautiful Ninja woman. As the fighters feel trapped in the mundane life of the small town, the map is found again. However, will they be the same fighters again after the complex human relationships and who will eventually win the map of treasures?

1hr 30mins long
PG Contains low level violence.

Pace Wu
Na Xie
Marco Mak
Jaycee Chan
Hao Dang
Francis Ng
Francis Ng