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Top of the South Film Festival 2016 Poster

Top of the South Film Festival 2016

In its second year, but just first showing in Nelson, The Top of the South Film Festival is a celebration of short films from all genres – comedy, drama, horror, arthouse – created entirely by local filmmakers from Nelson, Marlborough and Golden Bay. 12 unique short films will have their premier screening at the Suter, 18 November, in a Red Carpet event. Belvedere Excelsior A lonely young man working backstage in a small-town theatre dreams of treading the boards one day, but when the play’s leading actors fall sick on opening night and he fills in to wide acclaim, did his dream really come true? Gift What would life be like if everyone gave a gift to friends and strangers and expected nothing in return? Half Cut On the anniversary of an amateur magician’s wife’s death, he dares to perform the ultimate death-defying magic trick in front of a local TV film crew. Will it be “live” or “death” TV? Steeling The Show A washed up, over-the-top Eighties rockstar, Tommy Steel regales us with his life story and the highs and lows (mostly “highs”) of his glory days in the spotlight. A rockumentary. Infected A virus? A disease? An infection? When friends turn killers - don’t forget to lock your doors… Dead End Road Parallel tragic stories of two people facing a dead end in their lives; will they find a way out? Guess What A popular board game competition between husband and wife creates an existential moment… and big laughs. Late Equaliser When the world’s greatest footballer dies in a car crash, he wakes up in the Celestial Recycling Centre - where death turns out to be the least of his problems… Ditched Two teens share intimate moments at the school dance ball, when something mysteriously and suddenly divides them forever afterwards. The Alabama Butcher After a night of hard partying, 3 teens wake up in an abandoned factory to discover breakfast is about to be served – and they’re on the menu… The Gap “Mellow” A Sixties arthouse style trip in black and white through gritty urban streets and soulful musical performance. The Flame When a brutal Gestapo interrogator faces her latest victim, will pre-war memories make her a killer or lover? Starring: Various local actors Directed by: Various local directors