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Toons for Tots 2014 Poster

Toons for Tots 2014

Revolution 2013 2 minutes DIRECTORS Jess Deacon, Helen Friel, Chris Turner The life cycle of a droplet of water in a real life pop-up book that moves all by itself. The Gallant Captain 2013 8 minutes DIRECTORS Katrina Mathers, Graeme Base, Patrick Sarell A gorgeously crafted film built around a Graeme Base book, featuring a fearless young boy who sets off for an adventure on the high seas with his faithful cat. Monsters 2013 1 minutes DIRECTOR John Martz It’s the ultimate monster marathon dance-a-rama. Yeah. Twins In Bakery 2013 6 minutes DIRECTOR Mari Miyazawa When the baker closes up the shop for the night, the fun begins. 7 Tonnes 3 2012 3 minutes DIRECTOR Nicolas Deveaux There’s an elephant in the gym and it’s having a LOT of fun! Big Box Singsong “Hair” 2013 2 minutes DIRECTORS Warren Brown, Adam Goddard Look up on the top, what do you see? Hidden Talent 2013 6 minutes DIRECTOR Mirian Miosic Every cat has a hidden talent of some kind. Imagine what happens when a hundred cats get together. Celebration and Chorale 2013 5 minutes DIRECTOR Yukie Nakauchi Let’s see what it would look like if every colour, shape and crazy animal in your head managed to get out and play. Sniffles 2012 2 minutes DIRECTORS Jeremy Galante, David Cowles Sniffles the puppy has lost his nose, but Sniffles is hot on its trail Dog Café 2013 2 minutes DIRECTOR Maggie Rogers One wintery night when the stars shine bright, underneath the lamppost light, four doggie friends chat about the things they’ve done that day. I Want My Hat Back 2013 3 minutes DIRECTOR Galen Fott A bear asks around about his missing hat. Jon Klassen’s award-winning book springs to deadpan life. My Mom Is An Airplane 2013 7 minutes DIRECTOR Yulia Aranova Different people have different mothers. Musicians, animal doctors, construction workers… but my mother is an airplane. The Smortlybacks 2013 5 minutes DIRECTORS Ted Sieger, Wouter Dierick Dazzling. A hilarious herd of smortly little creatures love to work as a team, even if they can be a bit clumsy sometimes.

1hr 3mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors