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Through The Looking Glass

We love science fiction, fantasy and CGI animated special effects! We enjoy unusual romantic affairs, zombies and parallel worlds. This collection of short films is a treat for fan-boys and fan-girls everywhere. WALK THE LIGHT Comedy, 14 mins, USA NZ Premiere Michael Richards (Seinfeld’s Kramer) stars in this inventive love story about a man who works inside a Walk/Don’t Walk traffic light sign. He’s training up a new recruit, and it isn’t as easy as it looks. Dir/Writer: Anthony Sabet. Prod: Lila Dupree, Anthony Sabet. HERE BE MONSTERS Drama/Fantasy, 15 mins, NZ, NZ Premiere A man is given a death sentence after receiving a zombie bite; he rushes home to spend his final dying moments with his wife and daughter. Dir: Paul Glubb, Nic Gorman. Prod: Nadia Maxwell. Writer: Nic Gorman. AIRMAIL Drama/Fantasy, 11 mins, NZ, NZ Premiere Check out the gorgeous art direction in this short about a day in the life of an eccentric postal worker, who collects junk off the side of the road and sketches compulsively in his cramped apartment. Dir/Writer: Prue Cunningham. Prod: Kirsty Cooper. DOOD VAN EEN SCHADUW (Death of a Shadow) Drama/Fantasy, 20 mins, Belgium, France European star Matthias Schoenaerts plays a soldier who died during World War I. Now he prowls the afterlife taking photographs of shadows in this beautifully realised, original story. Dir/Writer: Tom Van Avermaet. Prod: Ellen De Waele. BIGSHOT Animation, 5 mins, France, World Premiere This funny, clever animation tells a whole story in just one shot, and can only be truly appreciated on the big screen. Dir/Writer/Prod: Maurice Huvelin. PERFECT DRUG Science-fiction, 14 mins, Belgium, NZ Premiere This fast-paced kick-ass sci-fi has impressive CGI animation, gangsters, drug deals and a heist gone wrong. Dir/Writer: Toon Aerts. Prod: Eurydice Gysel, Kim Vandercruyssen. NUMBERS Drama/Romance, 10 mins, Czech Republic, Korea, NZ Premiere In a parallel world of the future, Nick meets a girl who also sees numbers above people’s heads. They know nothing about each other yet too much about everyone else. Dir/Writer/Prod: Robert Hloz.

1hr 29mins long

Various Directors
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