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The Z-Nail Gang

A “feel good” comedic eco-drama with a conscience, The Z-Nail Gang is an ensemble piece celebrating the strength of community. Inspired by actual (and unbelievably crazy) events that took place in the Coromandel during the 1980s, this inspiring story leads the audience on a journey of empowerment. Set in a small modern day coastal town, where mega-mining threatens the lives of its inhabitants, The Z-Nail Gang is a true ‘David vs Goliath’ tale where the outlaw kiwi spirit of Goodbye Pork Pie meets The Castle. People can make a difference when they stand together. In today’s Aotearoa, where mining on conservation land, oil prospecting and the sale of national assets are polarising the nation – this story has never been so relevant!

1hr 40mins long
M Violence,offensive language and drug use.

Jim McLarty
Geoff Dolan
Erroll Shand