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The World In Two Round Trips Poster

The World In Two Round Trips

The youngest sailor on the Schürmann family’s round the world journey is five year old Kat. She’s a very little girl who gets a very big education: learning hula in Tahiti, horse-riding in Chile, tramping in the frozen desert wilds of Patagonia, while living on board the boat with her family. The documentary took 10 years to finish and includes images from 30 countries, 4 continents and 3 oceans. Director David Schürmann loved New Zealand so much, he stayed behind as a teenager to study film while his parents carried on sailing the world. As an adult, he joins his parents and little sister Kat, and films their second world trip. This film is an ode, to the beauty of the sea, to the intrepid spirit of Ferdinand Magellan, and to the love of family.

1hr 31mins long

Vilfredo Schurmann
Kat Schurmann
Heloisa Schurmann
David Schurmann
David Schurmann