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The Witnesses (Les Temoins)  Poster

The Witnesses (Les Temoins)

Handsome provincial gay adolescent Manu moves to Paris, where his opera-singer sibling welcomes him, and leads a careless, profitable life of lust 'behind the bushes'. Picked up by old doctor Adrien, he enjoys being shown the finer sides of Parisian life but refuses a romantic commitment. On a seaside holiday with mutual friends, Manu is saved from drowning by Mehdi, a Paris vice detective, whose open marriage is under strain because his wife neglects their baby. That kiss of life is the start of a passionate but secret affair. Manu breaks it off and moves in with Adrien, who is part of France's medical AIDS help pioneer society.

1hr 52mins long
R16 Contains sex scenes

Sami Bouajila
Michel Blanc
Emmanuelle Beart