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The Wind Blows Round Poster

The Wind Blows Round

"ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL (NZ) 2010" A small mountain village in the Occitaine Alps is gradually dying, its income and the livelihood of its ageing population only maintained by the short summer tourist season. Into this small, tight knit and conservative community comes a former French professor determined to escape the wrongs of civilization, bringing his young wife and their three children, his goats and his entrepreneurial skills as cheese-maker.

1hr 50mins long
M contains adult themes

Thierry Toscan
Kevin Chiampo
Ines Cavalcanti
Giovanni Foresti
Giorgio Diritti
Giacomino Allais
Frederique Chiampo
Emma Giusiano
Dario Anghilante
Daniele Mattalia
Caterina Damiano
Bruno Dema