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The Viceroys

'The Viceroys' is based on a novel by Federico De Roberto that set off a scandal at the end of the nineteenth century and that was banned for 100 years. The film recounts the history of Sicily through the history of one its noble families, along the lines of Visconti's great classic, 'The Leopard'. It is the mid 1800's, in the last years of the House of Bourbon reign in Sicily, and the eve of Italian reunification. The funeral of Princess Teresa brings together the members of the Uzeda family, descendents of the Viceroys of Spain. Through the eyes of a boy, Consalvo (Alessandro Preziosi), the last heir to the Uzeda dynasty, the mysteries, intrigues and complex personalities of the other family members are brought to light as they fight over the Princess's inheritance. So Consalvo grows up in a family at war with itself. His father, a superstitious tyrant, consumed by his desire for power and money repeatedly ostracises his rebellious son and deprives his daughter even of the right to love.

2hrs long
R13 Contains violence and sexual themes.

Sebastiano Lo Monaco
Roberto Faenza
Lando Buzzanca
Guido Caprino
Giselda Volodi
Cristiana Capotondi
Assumpta Serna
Alessandro Preziosi