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The Tunnel

Based on an amazing true story that occurred just after the Berlin Wall went up, it stars Heino Ferch, a commanding presence as a champion swimmer who, with his engineer friend (Sebastian Koch), masterminds an attempt to dig a tunnel under the wall through which about two dozen people hope to escape, including the swimmer's sister (Alexandra Maria Lara), her husband (Mehmet Kurtulus) and their small daughter (Sarah Kubel).The day before the wall went up on Aug. 13, 1961, Ferch's Harry Melchior - in real life, Hasso Herschel - won the German Freestyle Championship. It was a great moment for East Germany but also an opportunity for the swimmer, who had been imprisoned for four years for his participation in the June Rebellion of 1953, to snub government officials at his victory ceremony. Koch's Matthis and his wife attempt to flee to the West through a sewer, but only Matthis escapes. Immediately placed under surveillance, Melchior is determined to leave as soon as possible, and armed with false papers and ironclad confidence, the rugged athlete easily passes through Checkpoint Charlie and into West Berlin on Aug. 26, 1961.

2hrs 20mins long

Sebastian Koch
Nicolette Krebitz
Heino Ferch