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The Thin Yellow Line Poster

The Thin Yellow Line

The enigmatic Damián Alcázar is Antonio, a onetime construction foreman who fell off the grid decades ago and is now a night watchman living in a junkyard. Well, not any more: business is bad, and the scrapyard’s owner just replaced him with a guard dog. Jobs are scarce in this corner of rural Mexico, and Antonio has to settle for pumping gas for pittance; but when an old co-worker stops by for a fill-up, Antonio once again gets the chance to lead a team. Setting out with four novices and a rolling spray-paint machine, the men start the job of laying down a dashed yellow line on a 217-kilometer stretch between two small towns. While on the road, a spectrum of hardships and triumphs will force the unlikely team of misfits to unexpectedly bond. A road movie in the most literal sense, Celso R. García’s dialogue fosters an easy, earthy camaraderie between the men, delivering both sadness and pure joy, and making this an irresistible journey in which audiences will delight.

1hr 35mins long

Silverio Palacios
Joaquin Cosio
Damián Alcázar