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The Thin Match Man (L`uomo Fiammifero) Poster

The Thin Match Man (L`uomo Fiammifero)

This modern fairy-tale has charmed audiences young and old in Italy, and, is set to do the same here in the festival. Eleven year old Simon (Marco Leonzi) is forced to spend the entire summer inside his house with a volatile father (Francesco Pannofino) keeping track of him via a long string. Sweet adventure beckons outside but through his enforced confinement, Simon learns to entertain himself with stories of the thin-match man, a figure his mother once created who lights the way for children facing difficulties. Simon is determined to find the thin-match man but first he must overcome his father and, the evil plotting of his spoiled neighbour, Rubin. When thirteen year-old, green eyed Lorenza arrives in town, Simon finds a new ally, thus beings an unforgettable summer where real and imaginary encounters will change his life forever. Director Marco Chiarini conjures a magical summer world with charming illustrations and stunning visual effects reminiscent of Peter Greenaway and Tim Burton. This is an enchanting story of what can be achieved through the wonders of a child`s imagination.

1hr 30mins long

Marco Leonzi
Greta Castagna
Giuseppe Mattu
Francesco Pannofino
Chiarini Marco