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The Sweet Escape

Michel (Bruno Podalydès) is in his fifties. Happily married to Rachel (the talented Sandrine Kiberlain) and working as a graphic designer in his brother’s company, he has always been passionate about the French airmail service but never learned to pilot the planes he so admired. One day, stumbling upon pictures of DIY kayak sets, he realises he has finally found a way to set off on his ultimate adventure. As he secretly purchases the necessary equipment and trains for the big day, he dreams about his sweet escape but does not dare to take the plunge. Rachel will help him. Not long after the journey begins, Michel discovers Laetitia’s café and its irresistible namesake (Agnès Jaoui). Only here for a short break, he finds himself befriending the café’s staff and eccentric clients… This charming comedy is a tale of freedom and fulfilling one’s dreams. Whether it is the green French countryside, the ice in the absinthe or the genuine emotions, you will definitely find this film refreshing.

1hr 45mins long
M Sex scenes, offensive language & nudity

Sandrine Kiberlain
Bruno Podalydes
Agnes Jaoui