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The Surrender

The Surrender is a romantic erotic film based on the novel The surrender of Floor by Renee Amstel. A critic called the novel: ``the Dutch answer to the Fifty Shades of Grey hype``. Eva is a pretty young woman. She works in a café and her dream is to be a singer. One day, the famous actor Tim asks if she wants to play with him in a movie. There is no script, only the romantic erotic novel The Surrender Of Floor. Does she want to see with him how they can play the two characters in the book? That is the beginning of their tempestuous relationship, in which they are trying to be honest to their own secret fantasies and go beyond their limits. How far do they go in love?

1hr 30mins long

Sheena Tchai
Rick Engelkes
Richard Kemper
Paul Ruven
Ellen Ten Damme
Dave Roelvink
Dave Mantel