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The Screen Illusion

Mathieu Amalric, versatile auteur-actor and director, spirits Corneille's canonic 17th-century French theatre classic, L'Illusion comique, to contemporary realms in this inventive cinema treat set in the luxurious Hotel de Louvre. From his lair in the hotel basement, Alcandre, a wizard in the original play, here ingeniously transformed into the hotel's concierge, can observe on CCTV the many comings and goings, from past, present and even future, in the establishment.

1hr 28mins long
M violence, sex scenes

Suliane Brahim
Muriel Mayette
Loic Corbery
Julie Sicard
Jean-Baptiste Malartre
Herve Pierre
Denis Podalydes
Alain Lenglet
Adrien Gamba-Gontard