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The Rocket

In rural Laos, young Ahlo (irrepressible Sitthiphon Disamoe) is born under a curse, or so says his grandmother, and you’d be a fool to argue when the implacable old bat gives you the evil eye. Tragic events suggest she’s right but Ahlo is determined to turn his luck around. Forcibly relocated with his family from their village by Australian hydro-electricity developers, Ahlo teams up with another misfit, Kia, who lives with her James Brown-loving uncle Purple, only to find himself more firmly ostracised than ever. A rocket festival, in which contestants launch homemade missiles from precariously makeshift bamboo platforms, provides Ahlo with his chance to star, or get very badly burned trying.

1hr 36mins long

Thep Phongam
Sumrit Warin
Sitthiphon Disamoe
Loungnam Kaosainam
Kim Mordaunt
Bunsri Yindi
Alice Keohavong