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The Past Is A Foreign Land Poster

The Past Is A Foreign Land

"ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL (NZ) 2010" Giorgio (Germano) is a promising young prosecutor who meets by chance clever cardsharp Francesco (Michele Riondino, also in 'Fortapasc'). Francesco introduces him to the world of high stakes poker and engineers the cards to ensure that Giorgio is a winner. It is the beginning of a compulsion that threatens to pull Giorgio's life off the rails as he neglects his studies, embarks on a steamy affair with a married woman (Chiara Caselli) and starts to reject all the moral certainties of his family background.

1hr 57mins long
R18 contains violence, sexual violence, drug use, offensive language and sex scenes

Valentina Lodovini
Romina Carrisi Jr.
Michele Riondino
Maria Jurado
Marco Baliani
Lorenza Indovina
Federico Pacifici
Elio Germano
Daniele Vicari
Daniela Poggi
Chiara Caselli
Antonio Gerardi