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The Other Son (Le Fils de lAutre) Poster

The Other Son (Le Fils de lAutre)

Carefree Joseph (Monsieur Batignole's Jule Sitruk) is 18-years-old and about to do his compulsory service in the Israeli army. When he takes a mandatory blood test, he is more worried about traces of drugs showing up to the dismay of his army commander father Alon (the fabulous Pascal Elbe), than anything else. The results however come back and shockingly reveal that he is not in fact his parents biological son after he was inadvertently switched at birth with Yacine (Mehdi Dehbi), the son of a Palestinian family from the West Bank.

1hr 45mins long
M Contains violence, infrequent coarse language and drug use

Pascal Elbe
Mehdi Dehbi
Jules Sitruk
Emmanuelle Devos