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The Man Who Loves Poster

The Man Who Loves

"ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL (NZ) 2010" The film traces two significant, successive and opposite love stories of the almost forty year-old pharmacist Roberto (Pierfrancesco Favino). One is with Sara (Ksenia Rappoport 'The Unknown Woman') a hotel desk manager in Torino, while the other is with Alba (Monica Bellucci), a chic art gallery curator. Roberto envies the romantic success of his beloved, gay younger brother Carlo (Michele Alhaique) who is deliriously happy with lover Yuri (Glen Blackhall), but can't find the right emotional groove himself.

1hr 43mins long
M contains sex scenes & offensive language

Pierfrancesco Favino
Piera Degli Esposti
Monica Bellucci
Michele Alhaique
Marisa Paredes
Maria Sole Tognazzi
Kseniya Rappoport
Glen Blackhall
Fausto Maria Sciarappa
Arnaldo Ninchi