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The Man Who Loved Yngve Poster

The Man Who Loved Yngve

In this fresh, funny, Norwegian feature it's 1989 and the Berlin Wall is about to fall. Teenager Jarle plays in a local punk band with his girlfriend and best mate. Then he meets the new boy at school – the athletic, angelic Yngve – and soon finds a schoolboy crush becoming a full-blown romantic obsession. Convincing performances and fine direction are complimented by a spot-on 80s soundtrack.

1hr 39mins long
R16 offensive language and drug use

Vegar Hoel
Trine Wiggen
Stian Kristiansen
Rolf Kristian Larsen
Ole Christoffer Ertvag
Mari Langfeldt
Knut Sverdrup Kleppestø
Jørgen Langhelle
Ida Elise Broch
Arthur Berning
Andreas Cappele