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The Last Pulcinella

The Last Pulcinella is liberally inspired by Roberto Rossellini's unedited screenplay and directed by Maurizio Scaparro, starring Massimo Ranieri. This is the story of the often-difficult relationship between a young Neapolitan, in search of new creative inspirations and a life far away from his hometown, and a father who hardly manages to survive as a street artist, acting out the "Stories of Pulcinella" in the Piazzas of Naples.

1hr 32mins long
M contains violence & offensive language

Valeria Cavalli
Mohamed Zouaoui
Maurizio Scaparro
Massimo Ranieri
Margot Dufrene
Jean Sorel
Georges Corraface
Domenico Balsamo
Carla Ferraro
Antonio Casagrande
Adriana Asti