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The Isla Grant Show

Scottish born singer-songwriter Isla Grant returns to New Zealand in 2012 with a fresh look and brand new show. Isla's beautiful voice together with an ability to write sensitive songs that cross over from country/folk to easy listening have now established her as a major recording artist in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Also featured is Al Grant, her equally talented husband who will sing several songs on his own accord together with duets with Isla and at the same time, providing his irrepressible humour. Also featured is the star of the recent "Music and Life of John Denver" show, Bevan Gardiner who is a talented singer headed for international stardom. The show is backed by an array of international musicians including keyboards, steel guitar, lead guitar, fiddle/mandolin, percussion, bass and piper. State of the Art sound, lighting and audio visual effects make 2012 The Isla Grant Show a truly international presentation.

2hrs long

Isla Grant
Bevan Gardiner
Al Grant