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The Human Scale

As we move from the age of the megacity to the gigacity, Andreas Dalsgaard takes us on a chaptered journey, from Copenhagen through New York, LA, Chongqing, Siena, Melbourne and Dhaka to, yes, Christchurch, examining urban issues and challenges. The story is told through the (metaphoric) lens of Jan Gehl, the Danish guru of urban design and consultant to cities worldwide – including, in the last decade, both Auckland and Christchurch. Gehl has been studying urban environments for fifty years, observing people instead of cars, pedestrians not traffic, claiming, ‘first we shape our cities then our cities shape us’.

1hr 23mins long

Rob Adams
Lars Gemzoe
Jan Gehl
Iqbal Habib
He Dongquan
Bob Parker
Andreas Mol Dalsgaard