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The Guest Poster

The Guest

Arriving unannounced on the doorstep of the Peterson family, recently discharged soldier David (Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey, The Fifth Estate) brings a final message from their recently deceased son, with whom he served. Still grieving over their son’s tragic death in combat, the Petersons welcome David into their home and their lives. Humble, helpful and unfailingly polite, David turns out to be the perfect guest. But David’s unorthodox problem-solving methods begin to raise Anna’s (Maika Monroe from It Follows, The Bling Ring) suspicions as a wave of shocking and unexplained violence spreads through their small town. When her inquiries into his past raise further alarm, it sets the stage for a deadly conflict.

1hr 39mins long
R16 Graphic violence, drug use, offensive language & sexual material

Sheila Kelley
Maika Monroe
Dan Stevens