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The Golden Years

Arthur (69) isn’t your run-of-the-mill bank-robber. Not unless you were picturing a sexagenarian pensioner with dodgy knees. But when the world pushes him too far, Arthur has no other option than to fight back. It all starts when he sees his friend Charlie (92), a frail WW2 veteran, suffering at the hands of lazy care-home staff, and escalates when he discovers that his pension fund has collapsed in the wake of the Financial Crisis and that many of his friends have suffered the same fate. Facing poverty after five decades of law-abiding, tax-paying citizenship awakens something in Arthur and he makes a bold decision: the financial industry has stolen the hard-earned pensions of him and his friends... so he’s going to steal the money back. Knowing that he’s absolutely the last person either the banks or the police would ever suspect of staging a heist, Arthur now begins a series of robberies, making a success of things as much by luck and raw bravado as by design. And it’s not long before his dutiful wife Martha (69) is in on the act, as much inspired by the thought of “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor” as by the fact that such acts of derring-do have re-ignited her and Arthur’s love life. As Arthur and Martha navigate the splendour of the Cotswolds and beyond in their caravan, robbing banks and building societies as they go and redistributing the proceeds to worthy older folk, the cops come after them. There’s hard-nosed, ambitious detective Keith Stringer (40s) and his sycophantic side-kick Cully. And there’s weary Sid Crump (50s), worn out by life after twenty-five years on the force, and hapless newbie Dave Pierce (20s), men as much in need of inspiration and redemption as Arthur and his crew. In the meantime, Arthur and Martha find out that their local bowls club, the only social hub for hundreds of senior citizens in the area, is up for sale and they resolve to save it. To do so, they have to rob the largest bank so far and recruit Royston, Shirley and Brian, their best friends of many decades, to help them. Royston, Brian and Shirley, although shocked at first that Arthur and Martha are behind all the robberies, are only too happy to help, and now the five OAPs plan the most audacious heists yet. In the final climax, we see life throw everything it’s got at Arthur and his unlikely band of heroes and heroines. As Sid, Dave and the rest of the police close in ever more tightly and our grey-haired gang commit to their final, seemingly impossible robberies, we discover once and for all whether they’ll be successful in rescuing the hopes of their community and their faith in themselves.

1hr 36mins long
M Sexual references.

Virginia McKenna
Una Stubbs
Sue Johnston
Simon Callow
Phil Davis
John Miller
Bernard Hill
Alun Armstrong